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Frequently Asked Questions

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Spam reason: "This message has been written in a different language from the language that is mainly used for this account."It’s written email in a different language than your messages typically use.
How to download an invoice?
What means "Undelivered" on the Folderly chart?Description of the "Undelivered" and why your emails end up there.
What to do with emails that come from Folderly?
Spam reasons: "Similar messages had been marked as spam in the past" & "Your account had been sending multiple messages identified as spam in the past"If your email is flagged with either of these messages, your reputation is in the danger zone
How to filter Folderly messages in your Outlook inboxFollow these instructions to keep your mailbox clean from emails that Folderly sends.
I have a custom email provider, can I still use your product?How to connect custom email provider
How to create and use Gmail filtersUse our simple guide to create rules to filter emails in Gmail
Gmail filtered your email to the Promotions folder?Best practices fix or avoid getting into the Promotions folder
Templates explainedHow to make the most out of Templates in Folderly.
How to attach/detach the template on the mailbox?
How to see deliverability reports for a custom date range?
How to change the limit on the mailbox?
Can I set a sender name?
Spam triggers
Can I create a separate account in Folderly and manage both under one profile?
How to connect Office365 email addresses with Folderly using App PasswordA quick guide on how to connect Office 365 email address to Folderly using App password.
How can I delete my account?
How to change outreach type on the mailbox
Outlook Spam Triggers
What should you do when the Folderly Score drops?
How to change connected mailbox?
Understanding and overcoming Gmail sending limits
Types of Google Workspace Alerts