If you encounter low e-mail opening rates, the first thing you should pay attention to is the spam problem, you can check now what the status of your domain is and how many % of e-mails fall into the spam folder. If the state of your domain is at a bad level we will let you know about this in the Spam reason block

These two messages indicate that you have a reputation problem. In other words, a lot of people are marking your messages as spam:

1. Your account had been sending multiple messages identified as spam in the past. This affects the reputation of your upcoming messages.

2. Similar messages had been marked as spam in the past. That is why your current message being similar to them is also marked as spam.

If your email is flagged with either of these messages, your reputation is in the danger zone. You need to consider launching an immediate course correction with a re-engagement campaign, pruning your list of bad or non-responsive email accounts, and generally improving your reputation among subscribers.

It could be the Gmail spam filter is trapping your email because of deceptive subject lines. Could be because the unsubscribe link is small or hard to find that it’s easier for subscribers to mark messages as spam.

Include instructions on how to unsubscribe even if that's just "please let me know if you want to be taken off this list". Recipients are lazy and are often embarrassed to ask to be removed so they just click on "This is Spam" which lowers your reputation and teaches Gmail's filters that messages from this mailbox should land in the spam folder. Letting them know that it's OK to opt out will encourage many to do the better thing and ask.

Below you may find some recommendations on how to avoid such blockings:

  • Avoid spammy hype like lots of exclamation marks or wording like "You must read this", "Don't miss out", etc.

  • Immediately remove email addresses that bounce. Repeated sending to dead email addresses will reduce your reputation

  • Don't hide links under tiny graphics or use white text on a white background

  • Avoid sending messages that are mostly graphics

  • Don't use spam words

  • Do not combine email marketing and cold outreach on the same domain.

  • Do not use shortened links

  • Keep your limits on each email

  • Validate your lead lists

  • Polish DNS

  • Don't use emojis

  • Don't use long links

  • Don't overload your signature with pictures, phone numbers, gifs, etc.

  • Avoid anything else that Spammers might do!

Bottom line: You need to take a close look at the full range of problems with your emails with the Folderly team to make sure they go beyond best delivery practices.

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