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What should you do when the Folderly Score drops?
What should you do when the Folderly Score drops?
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A declining Folderly Score can be worrisome because it directly affects the deliverability of your emails. But remember that volatility in your Folderly Score is normal and is part of Folderly's job. You may sometimes have a score that is lower than usual. Folderly will resolve this issue promptly and get your domain back to a 90+ Folderly Score.

This guide will help you navigate through the process of identifying and fixing issues that cause your Folderly Score to drop.

Step 1: Check the "Best Practices" tab

The first thing you must do is ensure all the best practices are done because that's the foundation of consistent deliverability.

Step 2: Make sure all Best Practices are implemented

If you have outstanding items in this tab, complete them first. So you can be sure that your domain and templates align with the best practices we've developed over the years.

Step 3: Access the "Spam Triggers" Tab

Your next step is to log into your Folderly account and navigate to the Spam Triggers tab. This section is crucial as it provides insights into factors affecting your sender's reputation.

Spam triggers are categorized into four types:

  • Mailbox - Mailbox triggers are based on the sender's reputation

  • Template -Template triggers relate to the content or structure of the email template itself.

  • Domain - Domain triggers are related to the reputation of the sender's domain.

  • IP - IP triggers are related to the sender's IP address.

Look at your spam triggers and check the content inside. There are four main blocks in them:

  • Message from ESP (Email Service Provider)

  • Affected email templates

  • Reasons

  • How to resolve

You can read more about spam triggers here.

Step 4: Pay Attention to the "How to Resolve" Tab

After understanding the reasons, the next crucial step is to focus on the “How to Resolve” tab. This section provides actionable steps to address each specific issue you're facing.

Step 5: Implement Changes

After going through the "How to Resolve" Tab, implement the necessary changes. It’s important to monitor the impact of these changes on your Folderly Score and email deliverability. After making the changes, give Folderly time to update the Score.

Step 6: Monitor Progress and Continuous Improvement

Improving your Folderly Score is an ongoing process. Continually improve your email strategies based on feedback and data collected, here are a few tips:

  • Regularly validate your email lists

  • Personalize your email content.

  • Stay updated with deliverability best practices

  • Keep an eye on the feedback from email service providers by checking “Spam Triggers” tab

Monitoring Tips:

  • Regularly check your Folderly Score.

  • Monitor your email campaign metrics, like open rates and click-through rates.

  • Keep an eye on the feedback from your email service provider.

Our team will always help you with your deliverability problems as we have much experience in this field, so don't hesitate to contact us.

If you have completed all the points, but your domain does not have a 90+ Folderly Score in 2 weeks, contact us at

By following these steps, you will be able to effectively address the issues that have caused your Folderly Score to drop and improve your email deliverability. Remember, consistency and attention to detail are the keys to success in email digital advertising.

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