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Best practices explained
Best practices explained
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"Best Practices" are principles and methods recognized as the most effective in achieving the goal of increasing the chances of being inboxed. Best Practices are particularly important in the context of email to ensure that your messages reach their intended recipients without going through the spam folder.

How to find and start using Best Practices?

On the home page, select the domain you want to implement our Best Practices to.

In the list of emails that opens, please select the one you want to ensure it meets all Best Practices.

On the Dashboard, the Best Practices tab can be accessed in two ways: through the tab on the left and the center blocks.

Best Practices have three categories: content, mailbox, and domain.


This is an important element of your outreach because it interacts with the client and with the ESP spam triggers. Therefore, it is essential to follow some rules that we are providing based on our experience and major ESPs guidelines.


Your mailing mailbox should resemble and do what regular mailbox does as much as possible. This applies to everything from the delay between emails to the human name of your mailbox.


On the domain part, we analyze your DNS records. In this part, you will be able to see your current situation with the DNS settings of your domain. Also, we will give you recommendations that will increase your credibility in front of the primary ESPs and make your send outs authenticated.

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