Have you ever wanted to know the reason why if emails are sent in another language (for example, French instead of English), spam filters consider this kind of action suspicious and send you to spam? This is one of the most common problems Internet users face nowadays. Read on this piece and discover the comprehensive explanation of this issue from the Folderly team.

If you suddenly got an email message in your Gmail Inbox and it is not written in English, we have bad news for you. Because in this case, the chances are high that it is some sort of spam. And since almost all your contacts use the English language for email communication, you can become a suspicious sender for spam filters. For example, Gmail even has its own built-in spam filtering technology. This tool works with handling foreign language spam.

But don't worry if you already use Folderly Premium. If you see this spam reason when being connected to our tool- you should not panic at all. Everything will be alright because the spam fix is in progress and the solution will be delivered by our team of professionals as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you should just calmly wait for the fix.

In case you have any questions and issues the answers for which you did not manage to find in this article, the Folderly team is always willing to help you. Contact the customer success team and your problems will be solved quickly and in the most professional way. We guarantee this.

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