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How to filter Folderly messages in your Outlook inbox
How to filter Folderly messages in your Outlook inbox

Follow these instructions to keep your mailbox clean from emails that Folderly sends.

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You can manage incoming emails using Outlook’s "rules" functionality to automatically label, or archive your mail.

Sign in to your Outlook inbox. Click on the Settings wheel.

Click View all Outlook settings link.

Navigate to Mail –> Rules –> Add new rule.

Now add conditions for the rule:

1) Add a name of the rule – “Folderly”.

2) Add one or a couple of conditions:

  • Subject includes;

  • Subject or body includes;

  • Message body includes;

3) Add actions:

  • Mark as read

  • Mark with importance - “High”

  • Move to - “Archive”

Click Save.


To create a filter for Folderly-related emails, use Folderly's email template Subject as a filter criteria for best results. Additionally, you may want to add a couple of specific keywords from your template to ensure that the rule works properly. However, we recommend that the template subject and body be at least slightly different from your typical outreach email subject and don't contain 'Folderly' in it.

The resulting Outlook rule should look something like this:

From now Folderly-related messages won’t show among your usual correspondence.

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