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How to change connected mailbox?
How to change connected mailbox?
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In this article, you'll find instructions on how to change the mailbox that is connected to Folderly. It's easy and will take you literally a couple of minutes. This can be done in two ways. Let's start with the first path.

First path

First, log in to the mailbox you want to change and click on "Settings".

Next, click the "Disable" button, which suspends Folderly on this mailbox and frees up a seat for a new mailbox.

Confirm mailbox disabled.

By keeping the mailbox connected to the Folderly platform, you'll have the convenience of not needing to reconnect it should you decide to enable it again in the future. This approach ensures a seamless transition and immediate access whenever you're ready to use Folderly again.

Second path

Or you may completely remove the mailbox from Folderly.

Confirm mailbox deletion.

Next, you can connect the mailboxes you want; this article can help you with that. There is a detailed description of how to connect the mailbox.

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