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Getting started with Folderly
How to connect your email address and start Folderly?
How to connect your email address and start Folderly?

Connect your email address and template in few simple steps

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How to connect my email address?

Once you have created an account you are probably curious about the next steps.

Now we need to connect your email address for the Folderly with further maintenance.

Click on the "Add mailbox" button.

Now you need to "Select your email service provider (ESP)" you using on your domain. It can be a Google G-Suite, Office365, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, or any other custom provider. If you have a question just drop us a message. They are divided into 2 types Outreach and Email marketing you can read more about them here. This article will help you to determine what type of outreach you have.

Also for example if you are using HubSpot which is for email marketing, and you are adding a Mailbox for Google ESP (Outreach), then you need to change the outreach type to email marketing in the settings so that our best practices are displayed correctly. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do this through the mailbox settings.

When you choose "Google" as your ESP, you will be auto-forwarded by Google Oauth to the Google log-in page. Please fill in the respective fields to connect the email address you'd like to run the Folderly.

Confirm that you give permission for Folderly to work with your email.

Congratulations on connecting your email address! ๐Ÿš€ The next step is to add a template to your mailbox.

How to connect my template and launch Folderly?

In order to start Folderly, you need to add a template. We suggest putting the most often used template on the particular mailbox for Folderly use. This way we imitate your usual email outreach to teach spam filters that your emails are trustworthy.
If you do not have any templates on the Folderly platform, you should add them using the "Create new" button, if the right template has already been added to the Email templates library, select it using the "Select from exiting" button.

Next, you need to choose the format of the templates you want to add HTML or plain text

HTML - For marketing emails

Plain text - For cold email outreach

To create a template, you need to fill in lines such as:

  1. Template name

  2. The subject of the email

  3. Email body

After that, click the "Create email template" button.

Important! Your signature is part of your email, don't forget to add it to the body of your template.

Congratulations๐ŸŽ‰, you have created a template, click "Next step" to continue.

This is the last step, here you can choose to automatically increase the limits if you have a recently created mailbox. Here you can learn more about this feature. Finish this step with the "Launch Folderly" button.

Great job on launching Folderly. Keep going by checking out our Blog, Help Center, and Case Studies to gain deeper insights into deliverability.

Folderly will run it automatically on a daily basis. It may take up to a few hours to see your first Folderly Score. Stay tuned!


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