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How to attach/detach the template on the mailbox?
How to attach/detach the template on the mailbox?
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There are two options on how to change a template for the mailbox:

Mailbox Settings

In your account, under the name of the domain, select a mailbox in which you want to attach or detach a template.

Find the left sidebar.

Click the “Email templates” folder.

To attach a template from the email templates library click the “Select from existing” button in the top right corner or create a new one by clicking on the "Create now" button.

Choose templates that you would like to add and tap the “Select” button in the lower right corner.

For the detaching template click three dots in the email template rectangle top right corner. Click the “Remove” button.

Here is a quick loom with these steps.

"Email Templates"

On the Home page at the top left corner click the “Email templates” button.

For attaching the template from the email template find the necessary template and click the “View details” button.

If you have already connected mailboxes to the template, find the right-corner “Connect mailbox” button and click it.

If you don't have connected mailboxes you can find this button in the middle.

Select the necessary template with errors and click the “Connect” button at the bottom right corner.

If you would like to detach mailboxes go back to the one step back. In the middle of the screen find connected mailboxes and select with arrows mailbox for detach. Then click the “Disconnect button”.

Here is a quick loom with these steps.

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