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The new Folderly score explained
The new Folderly score explained
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Folderly Score is a dynamic indicator designed to help you assess and optimize the health of your email infrastructure. With a scale from 0 to 100, the Folderly Score reflects the condition of your email infrastructure, including your mailbox, domain, and IP address, providing a clear metric to gauge and improve your email deliverability.

The main 3 metrics of Folderly Score:

  1. Best Practices: Derived from years of expertise, our best practices cover crucial elements from content guidelines to DNS configurations. They're designed to elevate your email setup above industry benchmarks, ensuring optimal deliverability.

  2. Spam Triggers: A standout feature, Spam Triggers, identifies why your email was flagged as spam by specific ESPs (Email Service Providers). This unique insight allows for precise adjustments, directly addressing deliverability challenges.

  3. Deliverability Score: At the heart of the Folderly Score, the Deliverability Score reveals your emails' ability to reach the inbox without being sidelined as spam or junk. It directly reflects your email practices' effectiveness, incorporating aspects like IP reputation and domain health. This score is pivotal, as it directly influences your overall Folderly Score and, by extension, the success of your email campaigns.

We've developed a specialized formula that integrates key metrics – Best Practices, Spam Triggers, and Deliverability Score – into a singular, comprehensive Folderly Score. This innovative approach ensures that the Folderly Score can objectively assess the reputation of your email infrastructure.

Through a combination of knowledge gained from years of refining your email strategies, identifying the specific causes of spam flags, and evaluating options for placing your emails in the inbox, our formula offers a new perspective on the health of your email. That means Folderly Score doesn't just reflect the numbers. It shows you where you're having deliverability issues and immediately offers a solution.

Importance of Folderly Score:

A high Folderly Score signifies a healthy email ecosystem, leading to better engagement and successful email campaigns. It points out areas for improvement, guiding you to take necessary actions for optimal email deliverability. Whether you're an email marketing veteran or a newcomer, focusing on your Folderly Score can substantially boost your communication effectiveness.

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