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How do I use my "Email Templates Library"?
How do I use my "Email Templates Library"?
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The Email Templates Library is a centralized repository where all the templates associated with your account are stored. This page provides you with an organized and comprehensive view of all the templates available for your use. It's a convenient hub for managing, accessing, and utilizing templates to streamline your email communications.

To access the Email Templates Library, please return to the Home page and click on 'Email Templates.' This action will take you to the library, where you can manage and utilize your email templates.

To create a new email template, click on the 'Create New' After clicking the 'Create New' dots, you are located at the top right corner of the Email Templates Library page. This action will initiate the template creation process, allowing you to customize and save your new template.

After clicking the 'Create New' dots, you will be prompted to choose the format for your new email template. You can select between 'HTML' or 'Plain Text' based on your preferences and the specific requirements of your email content.

Here's an article that will help you figure out what kind of outreach you're dealing with

Welcome to the email template editor. Here you can add:

  • The name of your email template (By default, it will be data and time of creation)

  • Subject line

  • Body of email template

You can customize your email template using the lower panel provided on the template creation page. This panel allows you to make various adjustments and tailor the template to your specific needs and branding requirements.

In the right panel, you can select the language in which your email was written. It's important to pay attention to any spam words within your template and try to remove them. Removing spam words can significantly improve your chances of avoiding spam folders. Once you've made these adjustments, click the 'Create' button to finalize and create your email template. Congratulations! You've successfully created your email template.

Returning to the Email Templates Library, the first-line panel provides you with information about the quantity of 'Plain Text' and 'HTML' templates in your account.

The second-line panel in the Email Templates Library offers helpful features for quickly locating the templates you need:

  • Search line: The search line allows you to find templates based on their name and subject line. This makes it easy to locate specific templates by entering relevant keywords.

  • Sort line: The sort line lets you organize your email templates into categories on the screen, making it more convenient to browse and select the templates that suit your current needs.

You will find email template cells containing relevant information within the Email Templates Library. Here are additional details on managing and navigating these cells:

  • Quantity of Cells on the Page: In the lower-left corner panel, you can control the number of email template cells displayed on the page. You can adjust this to your preference, depending on how many templates you want to view simultaneously.

  • Page Number: In the lower right corner, you can see the page number, which helps you track where you are within the library when navigating multiple pages of email templates.

These features offer flexibility and ease of use when managing your email templates within the library.

On the email template cells, you can find such information as:

  • Type of the template (‘Plain text’ or ‘HTML)

  • Name of the template

  • Email template Subject line

  • Quantity of Spam words

  • Quantity of Connected mailboxes

  • Language

  • Last updated time and date

  • By whom was last updated

The buttons located in the top right corner of the email template cells provide you with various options for managing your templates:

  • ‘Edit’ - Clicking the 'Edit' button will take you to the email template editor, allowing you to change the template's content or settings.

  • ‘View details’ - By selecting 'View Details,' you can access comprehensive information about your template. Additionally, you can connect or reconnect the template to specific mailboxes as needed.

  • Three buttons give you an opportunity to preview or remove the template.

Be careful! If you click ‘Remove’ button, you delete your template from your account.

When you click on the 'View Details' button, the first option you will encounter is the 'Remove Template' button, which allows you to delete the selected template if needed. Afterward, you will find detailed information about the template, including the information displayed in the email template cell. This gives you an overview of the template's attributes and helps you manage it effectively.

Moving further down in the ‘View details,’ you'll see the 'Connected Mailbox' section. You can use the search line provided in this section to simplify the process of finding the specific mailbox to which your template is attached. This feature makes locating and managing the associations between your templates and mailboxes convenient.

A list of mailboxes is attached to the email template in this section. Additionally, it provides information about the quantity of templates associated with each mailbox. This helps you keep track of the template's usage and distribution across your various mailboxes.

Also, you can manage the number of mailboxes displayed on your screen's page.

For a step-by-step guide on connecting and removing mailboxes from an email template, you can refer to the detailed instructions in the article. These instructions will walk you through the process, ensuring you can easily manage the associations between your email templates and mailboxes: How to attach/detach the template on the mailbox?

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