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Maximizing your email campaigns post-onboarding with folderly: A comprehensive guide
Maximizing your email campaigns post-onboarding with folderly: A comprehensive guide
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After successfully onboarding with Folderly, it's vital to understand how to continue the journey efficiently. This guide offers a roadmap to optimize your email campaigns post-onboarding:

Step 1: Regularly Review Your Folderly Score

Frequency: Aim for daily checks, but at a minimum, every three days, especially before launching a new campaign.

Score Interpretation:

Blue Zone: Your campaigns are running smoothly with minimal spam risk.

Orange/Red Zone: Attention is required; potential spam indicators have been flagged.

Step 2: Understand and Act on the Score Insights

If you're in the orange or red zones:

Identify Problem Areas: Thoroughly review the highlighted spam triggers.
โ€‹Take corrective action: Carefully analyze the highlighted spam triggers. Read the article on spam triggers to eliminate the problem.

Step 3: Refresh and Revitalize Your Email Templates

Why? Fresh content not only maintains audience engagement but also reduces the risk of being flagged by repetitive spam algorithms.

How Often? Rotate and renew templates quarterly.

Step 4: Keep a Close Watch on Key Outreach Metrics

Metrics offer invaluable insights:

Open Rate: Helps gauge the effectiveness of your subject lines and content relevancy.

Bounce Rate: Consistently ensure it's below 5%. High bounce rates can hurt your credibility.

Sending Limits: Abide by the 200 emails/day/address rule to maintain a positive sender reputation.

Email Interval: A 180-200 second gap between emails prevents overloading servers and minimizes spam flags.

Tip: Using analytics tools can give you deeper insights into metrics and help in making data-driven decisions.

Step 5: Be Proactive with Anomalies

A sudden decline in open rates despite a perfect Folderly Score can be alarming:

React Promptly: Engage with your Client Success Manager (CSM) for insights, or reach out to for guidance.

Tip: Always maintain a clear line of communication with your service providers. They often possess insights that you might not immediately see.

Step 6: Pledge Commitment to Folderly Best Practices

Our best practices are derived from a wealth of successful client experiences.

Adherence: Strictly follow these guidelines for optimal outcomes.

Note of Caution: Diverging from these practices can lead to unpredictable results, making it harder to achieve campaign success.

Tip: Consider creating an internal best practices document that aligns with Folderly's guidelines, tailoring it to your organization's specific needs.

To Sum It Up

Collaborating with Folderly is designed to optimize your email campaigns. As we offer you the essential tools and insights, it's crucial to follow our best practices closely. Proper management and adherence to these guidelines will ensure the success of your email initiatives.


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