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How to connect your domain and email address through Elastic
How to connect your domain and email address through Elastic

A step-by-step guide on how to connect a domain and mailbox using Elastic API

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1) The connection process will consist of two steps: API key allocation in the Elastic account and domain connection with Folderly.

First, you need to copy the Private API Key for your Elastic sender account. In your Elastic user cabinet, go to Settings.

2) Then, in the Settings menu, select API.

3) Next, click the Create button.

4) The last step in Elastic is to name your API key and provide Full Access. After these steps, click on the Create button

Now, go to your Folderly user cabinet. To connect a domain and mailbox with Folderly, on the home page, click the [Add mailbox] button and select "Elastic Email" in the email service providers list.

Put the API Key, found on the Elastic API Keys page, in the "API Key" field. Also, fill in the fields:

  • "Email address" — Elastic Sender Email, used for marketing campaigns;

  • "Sender name" — company or your name. Appears in the 'From' field of the recipient's mailbox.

Click the [Next step] button to connect your mailbox. Now you can set up an email template and start using Folderly.

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