You can manage incoming emails using Gmail’s filters functionality to automatically label, or archive your mail.

  1. On the Gmail web client page, in the search box click the Show search options button.

    Or from the Gmail settings –> Filters and Blocked Addresses –> Create a new filter link.

  2. Use Subject and/or Has the word fields to specify the filter criteria.

    To create a filter for Folderly-related emails, use the Folderly's email template Subject as a filter criteria for best results. Additionally, you may want to add a couple of specific key-words from your template to ensure that the rule works properly.
    However, we recommend that the template subject and body is at least slightly different from your typical outreach emails subject and doesn't contain 'Folderly' in it.

  3. On the search screen click Create filter.

  4. Choose actions the filter should do:

    1. Skip the inbox (Archive it)

    2. Mark as read

    3. Never send it to Spam

    4. Always mark it as important

  5. Click Create filter

You can manage created filters from the Filters and Blocked Addresses settings page.

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