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How do you choose a reliable domain?
How do you choose a reliable domain?
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Choosing the right name for your domain, particularly focusing on email deliverability, involves avoiding certain elements that may trigger spam filters or create a negative perception among recipients. Here’s a more detailed guide:

What You Can Use:

  1. Brand Name or Relevant Keywords:

    • Ensure that your brand name or relevant keywords related to your business or industry are part of the domain name.

  2. Positive Connotations:

    • Choose words that have positive connotations or reflect your brand's values and image.

  3. Top 5 trusted TLDs:

    • .com, .io, .co, .net, .org

What You Should Avoid:

  1. Special Characters:

    • Please avoid using hyphens and numbers. They can be spam indicators and are also more difficult to transmit verbally.

  2. Spammy Words:

    • Avoid words that are often associated with spam, such as "free", "prize", "bonus", "buy", "promo", "sale", "opportunity", "info", "mail" etc.

  3. Complex Spellings:

    • Avoid difficult words to spell or pronounce to ensure clarity and communication.

  4. Long Strings of Words:

    • Avoid concatenating too many words together, as this can look spammy and be difficult to remember (e.g.,

  5. Generic Names:

    • Too generic names might lack uniqueness and may not stand out, which could impact brand recall.

  6. TLDs Associated with Spam:

    • Be cautious with certain Top-Level Domains (TLDs) often associated with spam or malicious websites (e.g., .xyz, .info).

  7. Similarity with Other Brands:

    • Avoid names too similar to existing brands or domains to prevent confusion and potential legal issues.

  8. Using Misleading Words:

    • Ensure that the domain name doesn’t create false expectations about your offerings.

Additional Tips:

  • Domain Name Generators:

    • You can use domain name generators online to get ideas. Input keywords, and the generator will provide various combinations and available domain names.

  • Research:

    • Check the availability and research to ensure it is not similar to existing domain names, especially those with a bad reputation.

  • Availability on Social Media:

    • Check if the domain name or a similar handle is available on social media platforms to maintain brand consistency across the web.

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