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How to generate DKIM for Brevo (Former Sendinblue)
How to generate DKIM for Brevo (Former Sendinblue)
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What is DKIM, and how does it work?

Reputable email servers block fake senders to prevent scams. DKIM provides strong security by digitally signing emails and storing keys in DNS. Customize DKIM for smoother email delivery. It works behind the scenes, securing server-to-server communication. The sending server signs the email, and the receiving server checks it with a public key, maintaining email integrity.

How to set up the DKIM record in your Sendinblue account

1. Go to Campaigns > Settings

2. Click on Configure in the Your Senders box.

3. Click on "Domain" tab.

4. Select "Add a domain"

5. Add your domain by feeling the inputs. Enter your email domain and Your email domain provider

6. Add the generated DKIM record to your domain into your domain provider and click “Authenticate this email domain.”

How can I make sure everything's working right?

If you want to make sure that everything is correctly verified, you can contact your CSM or email us at Our technicians will check your DNS records. We will be glad to help you.

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