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How to add members to a Folderly profile

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How to add members

To add new members to your profile, you first need to go to the "Settings" tab on the home page.

Select the "Members" tab. Then click the "Invite member" button.

At this step, you need to specify the e-mail address and select the role you want to assign to the member, then click "Invite members".

Member types

Roles are classified into three types:

  • Admin

    Full privileges and control
    Manage account members

    Billing management

    Remove/Restore the account

  • Editor

    All viewer privileges

    Mailbox management
    Template creation and management
    Folderly settings management

  • Viewer
    Read-only access
    Track information and data

Pending invitations

After you invite a member, you can track your invitations in the "Pending invitations" tab. You can also use this tab to resend or cancel your requests.

After the invitation is sent, the participant will receive an email, which must be confirmed by clicking the "Join Account" button.

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