1) Log in to your Google mailbox and go to the "Manage your Google Account" section.

2) Go to "Security".

3) Click on "2-Step Verification"

4) Follow Gsuite instructions on how to set up a 2-Step Verification further and if everything is correct you will see the following page after the successful setup.

5) Click on the arrow to go back.

6) Click on the "App Passwords"

7) In the "Select App" dropdown switch to "Other".

8) Type in "Folderly" and click "Generate".

9) Copy the generated app password and save it somewhere.

10) Go to your account, choose the product you bought (Spam fix, Email deliverability test, or Warmup), and click "Add Email".

11) Then select the provider you will be connecting to and click "Continue".

12) Fill in all the required fields for the connection and paste the generated code into the "App password" line and complete the mail connection with the "Add Mail" button.

13) Wonderful, now your mail is added to the platform, hurry up and add the actual template and start improving the reputation of your domain, IP, and mailbox

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