The world of email deliverability is quite complicated. You may know how to write an appealing email, but getting it delivered directly to your recipient is quite a challenge. Luckily, we’re here to sort things out. Let’s get started with telling the difference between warm-up and spam fix.

Who are we?

We are a team of mailbox engineers and outreach specialists that combined their knowledge about all the processes that occur when your email journeys from your mailbox to your recipient’s inbox to create Folderly - the innovative solution for helping you monitor your mailbox performance and make your marketing campaigns deliver the highest results.

Currently, users can purchase one of the Folderly packages: Folderly Premium and Folderly Basic.

Folderly Basic offers a warm-up feature, while Folderly Premium providers both warm-up and spam fix options.

Since we have been asked: “Wait, isn’t warm-up and spam fix are the same thing? Why would I need a spam fix if I have warm up already?”, we decided to run some comparisons and provide insights to explain the core differences between warm-up campaigns and spam-fixing measures.

What is included in Folderly Basic?

Folderly Basic provides features for sales teams or dev teams who have just registered a new domain and get it ready for small-volume email outreach.

With the basic package, they can:

  • Add all mailboxes registered on their domain.

  • Explore their progress by accessing user-friendly dashboard.

  • Launch warm-up campaigns and analyze their engagement rate.

In other words, Folderly basic allows users to lay down the foundation of their email marketing and make sure that they are getting started the right way. It provides visibility into each of their first steps and lets them build a proper relationship with their recipients.

The warm-up feature makes sure that your domain is successfully introduced to email service providers and internet service providers, making your mailbox your best business assistant and letting you make use of every email within your sending limit.

What is included in Folderly Premium?

Folderly Premium was designed for businesses that run several domains, send large volumes of emails and use email outreach as their primary sales channel and want to upgrade their email marketing with a new domain as smoothly as possible.

Folderly Premium covers all features provided by Folderly Basic and offers additional benefits, letting users to:

  • Generate their DNS records and adjust them according to their email marketing goals.

  • Scan blacklists and spam filters for their domain names and receive a list of suggestions on getting de-listed.

  • Analyze the content of their templates for spam trigger words, from header to body text.

  • Integrate Folderly with a wide range of email services and apps for delivering mail.

  • Receive a set of instructions from Folderly deliverability team.

Due to these options, Folderly Premium is also the perfect choice for businesses that have issues with their emails getting re-directed into spam folders because it does all necessary research for you, allows you to find the root of your sending issues, shows you how to eliminate them and then lets you pick up the speed with warm-up campaigns.

With Folderly Premium, you gain control over every aspect that affects your relationship with spam filters, from your DNS records to the content of your email templates, making it easy to prevent spam issues or solve deliverability problems.

Is it possible to use warm-up without spam fix?

If you plan to use one domain only and your sending limit doesn’t exceed 150 emails, warming up your domain in advance and keeping your sending schedule steady should be enough to maintain high deliverability.

However, the modern email-sending landscape is quite unpredictable and there are many variables than need your constant supervision.

If you want to invest more in your email marketing and you want a solid ROI, you need to keep an eye on every component of email outreach.

This is where spam-fix options will come in handy, alerting you about the latest changes and letting you act without endangering your deliverability. Therefore, in case email marketing is your primary sales channel, you can’t give it too much attention or be too careful - the more information you have, the more you can do to secure the success of your campaigns.

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