You can connect to Folderly any mailbox for spam fix and maintenance procedures using SMTP standard. To do so choose a connection through “Custom provider” when adding email address, then click [Continue]. This a universal connection method, which you can use for any ESP or custom mailing server.

On the next step provide information for SMTP connection.





Provided by your ESP or email server host.


465, 587, 2525 etc.

You can only use one port.

Provided by your ESP or can be found in your email server configuration.

SMTP Secure


A secure connection type. Depends on your ESP or mail server settings.

Click [Continue] and proceed with the mailbox configuration.

Fill-in the fields:

  • "Your email address" — email, you want to connect;

  • "Sender name" — company or your name. Appears in the 'From' field of recipient's mailbox.

  • "Password" — a password for your mailbox.


In some cases you may need additional credentials for SMTP connection, which your ESP or email server host will provide as well. In such case Email address and Password fields are to be used for SMTP connection. Therefore, click the [Add alias email] button and enter your email address you wish to connect with Folderly.

Click the [Add email address] button to connect your mailbox. Now you can set up an email template, and start using Folderly.

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