To leverage from Sendinblue functionality and features, you may want to connect to Folderly for spam fix and maintenance procedures.

The connection process will consist of two steps: obtaining SMTP credentials from the Sendinblue user settings and domain connection with Folderly.

First, you need to locate SMTP Login and SMTP Password for your Sendinblue sender account.

On any Sendinblue page open user menu (1) and select SMTP & API (2).

Here, go to the SMTP tab (3) and note the Login email (4), which will be your SMTP Login later. Next, click the Create a new SMTP Key button (5).

In new dialog window:

  1. Create a name for SMTP Key. You may want to add Folderly to the name so you would know which key is used.

  2. Hit Generate button.

  3. Copy and save the key for future. Sendinblue won't show it again for security purposes.

  4. Click Ok to save new key.

This key will appear in the Your SMTP keys list.

Now, go to your Folderly user cabinet. To connect a domain and mailbox with Folderly, on home page click [Add Domain] button and select "Sendinblue" in the email service providers list.

  1. Enter your domain in the "Domain name" field.

  2. Enter the Login, found on the Sendinblue SMTP credentials page, in the "SMTP login" field.

  3. Enter the SMTP Key, created on the Sendinblue SMTP credentials page, in the "SMTP password" field.

Click [Add domain] button to connect the domain. A Spam Fix section will open automatically. Click the [Add email] button.

Fill-in the fields:

  • "Sender name" — company or your name. Appears in the 'From' field of recipient's mailbox.

  • "Email address" — Sendinblue Email, used for marketing campaigns;

Click the [Add email address] button to connect your mailbox. Now you can set up an email template, and start using Folderly.

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