Folderly can help with email deliverability and fix spam through SendPulse API connection.


Due to SendPulse's API operations specifics, in Folderly you can not add more that one active email template per mailbox.

First, you need to locate unique for your account SendPulse ID and Secret Key. In your SendPulse user cabinet go to Account Settings page.

Next, select the API tab. Here you can find the SendPulse ID and Secret Key needed for the second step.

To connect a domain and mailbox with Folderly, on your Folderly home page click [Add Domain] button and select "SendPulse Campaigns" in the email service providers list.

  1. Put your domain in the "Domain name" field.

  2. Put the ID, found on the SendPulse API page, in the "ID" field.

  3. Put the Secret Key, found on the SendPulse API page, in the "Secret" field.

Click [Add domain] button to connect the domain. A Spam Fix section will open automatically. Click the [Add email] button.

Click the "Email address" field and in the drop-down select a SendPulse-connected email, used for marketing campaigns.

Click the [Add email address] button to connect your mailbox. Now you can set up an email template, and start using Folderly.

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