You can connect with Folderly through SendGrid API if you use SendGrid as a main tool for email marketing communications.

First, you need to obtain a SendGrid API key, which will grant Folderly access to SendGrid mailing functionality.


You should create a new API key. Please, do not reuse previously created API key!

To do so, create an API Key (Settings > API Keys) with appropriate permissions:

  1. Click the [Create API Key] button.

  2. Give your new API key a discriptive name.

  3. Choose permissions level. We advice you select a Restricted Access option.

  4. Scroll down the permissions list and give full access to the Mail Send option.

  5. Scroll further down and click the [Create & View] button.

In the next step SendGrid will display your newly created API Key, which you should definetely copy, as it is shown only once for security reasons.

Now you can connect a domain and mailbox with Folderly. To do so, on your Folderly home page click [Add Domain] button and select "SendGrid" in the email service providers list.

  1. Put your domain in the "Domain name" field.

  2. Put the API Key you copied from SendGrid in the "API Key" field.

Click [Add domain] button to connect your domain with Folderly. A Spam Fix section, containing all your connected domains, will open automatically. Click the [Add email] button.

In the next step fill-in the "Email address" field with SendGrid-connected email.

Click the [Add email address] button to connect your mailbox. All that remains is to set up an email template, and you can start Folderly.

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