You can connect with Folderly through SendGrid API if you use SendGrid as a main tool for email marketing communications.

First, you need to obtain a SendGrid API key, which will grant Folderly access to SendGrid mailing functionality.


You should create a new API key. Please, do not reuse previously created API key!

To do so, create an API Key (Settings > API Keys) with appropriate permissions:

  1. Click the [Create API Key] button.

  2. Give your new API key a discriptive name.

  3. Choose permissions level. We advice you select a Restricted Access option.

  4. Scroll down the permissions list and give full access to the Mail Send option.

  5. Scroll further down and click the [Create & View] button.

In the next step SendGrid will display your newly created API Key, which you should definetely copy, as it is shown only once for security reasons.

Now you can connect a domain and mailbox with Folderly. To do so, on your Folderly home page click [Add Email] button and select "SendGrid" in the email service providers list. Click [Continue].

Put the API Key you copied from SendGrid in the "API Key" field.

Click the [Continue] button.

In the next step fill in the "Email address" field with the SendGrid-connected email and "Sender Name".

Click the [Add email] button to connect your mailbox. All that remains is to set up an email template, and you can start Folderly.

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