You can connect with Folderly through Intercom Access token functionality if you use Intercom for customer communications.

First, you need to obtain an Intercom Access token, which will grant Folderly access to your Intercom data. To do so, in the Intercom app go to Settings page, open Developers section and click on Developer Hub link. You will be redirected to the Intercom Developer Hub page.

Developer Hub home page contains a list of all your Intercom-connected applications. Intercom will provide you with an Access Token as soon as you create an app. Select the app you wish to process through Folderly, then find and copy your Access Token in the Configure > Authentication page or Test & Publish > Your Workspaces page in the Developer Hub.

Now you can connect a domain and mailbox with Folderly. To do so, on your Folderly home page click the [Add Email] button and select "Intercom" in the email service providers list.

On this page put your access token in the "Access Token" field.

Click the [Continue] button.

In the next step fill in the "Email address" field with Intercom email as in the example:

And put a Sender Name.

Click the [Add email] button to connect your mailbox. All that remains is to set up an email template, and you can start Folderly.

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