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How do I add a DKIM record?
How do I add a DKIM record?

How to use DKIM record?

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To get started with DKIM record:

  1. Publish your public key to your DNS record as a text (TXT) record. Check with your DNS provider to see if they allow more than 255 characters in the input field or not, as you may have to work with your provider to increase the size or to create the TXT record itself.

  2. Save the private key to your SMTP server / MTA (mail transfer agent).

How can I test my DKIM record?

You can test it using or contact our team.

What does the Folderly email test tool cover with regards to DKIM?

  • no_dkim_record – DKIM DNS Record existence

  • dkim_not_verified – DKIM Verification

  • generic_dkim – DKIM Signature from Author’s / From Envelope domain

How to test DKIM by sending an email to a Gmail account

  1. Open the email in the Gmail web app

  2. Click on the down arrow next to the “reply” button (top right of email)

  3. Select “show original”. In the original, if you see “signed-by: [your domain name]” then your DKIM signature is good

Can I have multiple DKIM records?

A domain can have as many DKIM records for public keys as servers that send mail. Just make sure that they use different selector names.

If you have any questions about DKIM records or deploying DMARC, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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