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How to connect your email address through SparkPost SMTP?
How to connect your email address through SparkPost SMTP?

You can connect your mailbox using SparkPost SMTP connection to Folderly if you use it for your outreach.

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To leverage from SparkPost functionality and features, you may want to connect to Folderly for maintenance procedures.

The connection process will consist of two steps: SMTP credentials creation in the SparkPost web app and mailbox connection with Folderly.

First, you need to create SMTP Password which is a specific API-key for your SparkPost sender account.

From your SparkPost dashboard go to Configuration section -> API Keys (1-2). Then, click the [Create API Key] button (3).

Here, you can customize a new API Key:

  • (4) give it a meaningful name (used only within the SparkPost API keys list);

  • (5) customize API permissions;

  • (6) make sure to select the 'Send via SMTP' permission.

Click the [Create API Key] button (7) to save API key. You will be redirected back to the API keys list and an announcement with your new created API key will pop-up. Make sure to copy and save this key, we will need it to connect with Folderly.

Now, go to your Folderly user cabinet. To connect a domain with Folderly, on the home page click the [Add mailbox] button. Select "SPARKPOST" and click [Next step].

Enter the API Key you created within SparkPost in the "SMTP password" field.

The last step of the setup is to configure the mailbox. Fill-in the fields:

  1. "Email address" β€” Mailgun Sender Email, used for marketing campaigns;

  2. "Sender name" β€” company or your name. Appears in the 'From' field of the recipient's mailbox.

Click the [Next step] button to connect your mailbox.

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