To leverage from SparkPost functionality and features, you may want to connect to Folderly for spam fix and maintenance procedures.

The connection process will consist of two steps: SMTP credentials creation in the SparkPost web app and mailbox connection with Folderly.

First, you need to create SMTP Password which is a specific API-key for your SparkPost sender account.

From your SparkPost dashboard go to Configuration section -> API Keys (1-2). Then, click the [Create API Key] button (3).

Here, you can customize a new API Key:

  • (4) give it a meaningful name (used only within the SparkPost API keys list);

  • (5) customize API permissions;

  • (6) make sure to select the 'Send via SMTP' permission.

Click the [Create API Key] button (7) to save API key. You will be redirected back to the API keys list and an announcement with your new created API key will pop-up. Make sure to copy and save this key, we will need it to connect with Folderly.

Now, go to your Folderly user cabinet. To connect a domain with Folderly, on the home page click [Add Domain] button. This action is needed for Folderly Domain Health features to display you the correct and up-to-date information.

Select tools, used for domain management or additional functionality. You can select multiple providers.

Click [Continue] to proceed. Enter your domain name and click [Add domain] button to save information.

Next, in the My domain list click the [Add email] button to connect email address through SparkPost SMTP.

  1. The first step of the setup is to select SparkPost as the email service provider. Click [Continue].

  2. Enter the API Key you created within SparkPost in the "SMTP password" field. Click [Continue].

  3. The last step of the setup is to configure the mailbox. Fill-in the fields:

    1. "Sender name" — company or your name. Appears in the 'From' field of recipient's mailbox.

    2. "Email address" — Mailgun Sender Email, used for marketing campaigns;

    3. Optionally you may want to add an Alias for your email address.

Click the [Add email address] button to connect your mailbox. Now you can set up an email template, and start using Folderly.

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