You can connect your mailbox using SparkPost SMTP connection to Folderly if you use it for your outreach. In order to do it when connecting your domain please choose a connection through “Custom provider”.

To use SparkPost as an SMTP relay you need to point your domain inside Folderly account to the following endpoint:




Host for SparkPost EU


587 or 2525

Port 2525 is provided as an alternate port for cases where port 587

is blocked (such as a Google Compute Engine environment).






An API key with "Send via SMTP" permission

You can create and manage your API Keys from the app (EU).

* Enterprise accounts should contact their Technical Account Manager for SMTP details.

So inside Folderly account SMTP credentials should look like on the following screenshot:

In the field “Domain Name” put your domain.

In the next step “Add Email” in the field “Email adrdess” put “SMTP_Injection”, in the field “Alias email address” put your email address that you’d like to connect and in “Password” put an API key with "Send via SMTP" permission. You can create and manage your API Keys from the app (EU).

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