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Correct Syntax for a BIMI record in the DNS
Correct Syntax for a BIMI record in the DNS

What is the correct syntax for a Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) record in the Domain Name System (DNS)?

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BIMI records are stored in the DNS as a TXT (text) record with the following syntax. For details on all BIMI technical specifications, please visit:

Please note that all of the examples below are for illustrative purposes only. Be sure to use your own selector, domain, and logo information, or your logo will not display.

Components of a BIMI DNS record

All of the components listed below are required for BIMI to work correctly.

  • Selector: This allows the domain owner to use different logos for different subscribers, similar to a DKIM selector.

  • The sender specifies the value in the BIMI-Selector header. The default value is "default."

  • The "default" selector is used to look up the BIMI record when a BIMI-Selector header is not inserted into an email.

  • A mailbox provider looks at the selector's name in your email to determine where to look up the BIMI record for your domain.

BIMI subdomain: The subdomain that identifies the record as a BIMI record.

The value is always "_bimi".
  • Domain name: The domain name where the BIMI record is stored in the DNS.

  • Top-level domain name: The top-level domain associated with your domain name (typically .com, .net, .org, etc)

  • Assertion record: Stores your logo information.

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