How to connect Outlook email addresses with Folderly using App Password

A quick guide on how to connect Outlook email address to Folderly using App Password

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After you turn on two-step verification or set up the Authenticator app, you may run into issues if you trying to add a new email address in Folderly.

If you have two-step verification turned on and a Folderly isn't prompting you to enter a security code when you sign in, you may be able to sign in with an app password instead.


An app password is a long, randomly generated password that you provide only once instead of your regular password when signing in to Folderly.

To create a new app password for Folderly using the app password, take the following steps. You can repeat these steps to create an app password for as many apps or devices as you need.

How to create a new Outlook app password

1. Go to the Security basics page and sign in to your Microsoft account.

2. Select More security options.

3. Under App passwords, select Create a new app password. A new app password is generated and appears on your screen.

4 . Enter this app password where you would enter your normal Microsoft account password in the application.

Once you have created and entered an app password for Folderly usually won't need to do it again.

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