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To enable another AWS account, Identity Access and Management (IAM) user, or AWS service to send email through Amazon SES on your behalf, you create a sending authorization policy and users. Below you will find the step-by-step process of creating a user for Folderly and policies.

Create Folderly User

  1. Go to and press "Add User."

2. Enter User name - “folderly” and choose a checkbox with Programmatic access. Then, click on "Next: Permissions."

Chose Attach Policy

If you want to create a custom policy, see below "(Optional) Create Policy for Folderly. If you don't, then find SES and choose "FullAccess."

If you created a custom policy, then you need to find it.

3. Skip "Next: Tags" and goo to "Next:Review"

4. Press on "Create User"

5. After creating a user, you need to find "Secret Access Key" and click "Show" and copy it with "Access key ID."

6. Go back to Folderly and connect your credentials with
"Access Key ID" and "Secret Access Key" from your AWS.

(Optional) Create Policy for Folderly

Use this instruction in case if you want to limit Folderly actions and create more strict rules.

1. Go to

2. Click on "Create Policy"

3. Select a service "SES"

4. Open "Actions" and choose in Acess level "Write" checkbox and then choose any "Send" options in the dropdown menu.

5. After you have chosen checkboxes, in the resources section, click on "Any in this account" and click next on "Review policy"

6. Finally, choose a name for this policy, for example, folderly-policy, and click on "Create Policy"

Folderly tip

If you see no improvements in the placement or spam rate for your Folderly-connected mailbox, try reaching out to the Amazon Support team to change your AWS dedicated IP addresses.

This change may significantly improve your email deliverability.

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