Looks like you've done a great job with connecting your domain and email address if you are reading this. Before we will launch anti-spam maintenance or spam fix we should define what email templates we will use for the warmup.

Click on the "Setup Template" button.

Folderly Connected Emails list

You must dive into the "Email Address drill down" page. Once you in, click on the "Setup Template" button.

Folderly email address dashboard

Let's set up your email template now. Please fill out the following placeholders:

  1. Template name - Naming for the template. It will appear inside your connected domain.

  2. Email Subject - Subject that will be used for the warmup emails

  3. Email Body - Text of the template. It could be in plain text or in the HTML code.

Folderly email template

The final result should look like that.

Email template

Once you filled up all the information click on the "Save" button.

Congratulations you just set up your email template for the warm-up campaign.

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