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How to set up an email template?
How to set up an email template?
How to set up an email template?
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Looks like you've done a great job with connecting your domain and email address, if you are reading this. Before we can launch anti-spam maintenance or spam fix we should define what email templates we will use for the warmup.

On the domain page, click on the email address you would like to add a template.

On the email page, go to the Email Templates tab (step 1), then click the [Add template] button (step 2). Add Template page will open automatically.

Add Template page lets you to set up an email template. To do so, fill out the following placeholders:

  1. Template name β€” a name for the template in the templates list.

  2. Email Subject β€” subject that will be used for the warmup emails.

  3. Email Body β€” text of the template, will be used as a body text for the warmup emails. You may use a plain text or HTML code.

  4. Template state toggle. Only 'active' templates are used during the spam fix and email warmup. Set to "Active" by default.


If you have multiple 'active' email templates for a mailbox, warmup process will automatically and equally divide templates to use.

The final result should look like that.

Once you filled up all the information click the [Add template] button to save your template.

In this manner, you can create as many templates per mailbox, as you need.


If you are connected with Folderly through SendPulse API, you can not add more that one active email template per mailbox due to operation specifics of SendPulse's API functionality.

All created templates are added to the Template list on the Email Templates tab. From this page you can edit or delete a template.

Congratulations you just set up your email template for the warm-up campaign.

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