Before you get started, you should create an account. You can do it by click on the "Start a Free Trial" button on the homepage — see below.

Folderly free trial

Or you can create an account directly using the following link —

Now you must be on the "Select your plan" page.

Folderly pricing

Choose your plan accordingly with your need. Keep in mind that you will have a 7-days trial without any cost.

Once you have chosen Plan, click the "Next Steps" button; you will be on the second step, which is "Create your Folderly Account."

Folderly account creation

Please fill out your First and Last name, Email Address for the account, and choose a strong password. After that, click "Checkout." Finally, we've got to the final step, "Start Your Free Trial."

Folderly free trial today

You need to fill out your Payment card information and press the "Start using Folderly" button.

After that, you will be forwarded to your personal Folderly account.

Congratulations! You have created your Folderly account 🚀.

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