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What is Folderly?

All-in-one platform for email deliverability monitoring, spam testing, IP warming up, domain reputation-rasing solution.

Our goal is to help marketers accelerate their sales by helping them send emails that drive revenue and stop wasting money on email deliverability problems.

Over 51% of all business emails worldwide never reach the inbox. Losing your emails to spam folders ultimately leads to budgeting issues and missed sales opportunities. Folderly makes sure that you're never in that 51%.

The platform combines state-of-the-art technology with real people to create the most effective mailbox and IP warm-up process.

Our main features

  1. Email Spam Test;

  2. Email Spam Fix and Deliverability Maintenance;

  3. Free domain and mailbox audit.

Email Spam Test

Folderly identifies key email deliverability problems and provides suggestions on how to fix them, enabling you to build an automated spam-fixing campaign and always be on top of your game period. You will find out what holds your email deliverability back and make sure each email account works to its full capacity.

Folderly Email Spam Test

Email Spam Fix and Deliverability Maintenance

Folderly will run spam-fixing campaigns increasing your email deliverability rating and preventing your marketing emails from ending up in the spam folder.

You simply need to signup and your domain alongside with mailbox and start the email spam fix process.


You should expect a safely warmed up inbox after 30 days of Spam Fix activity. However, we recommend that you keep your inbox connected after 30 days, to maintain high deliverability rates.

Folderly Email Spam Fix

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our email spam testing? Contact us or dive into our FAQ section by clicking here.

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