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How to generate DKIM in G-suite
How to generate DKIM in G-suite
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If your domain is provided by a G-suite domain host partner you don’t need to add your DKIM key to the DNS record at your domain host. Gmail generates the domain key and adds it to your domain's DNS records.


You must be signed in as a super administrator in order to be able to generate DKIM.

After creating your G Suite account and turning on Gmail, you have to wait 24–72 hours before you can generate a DKIM key.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In your Google Admin console (at

  2. Go to Apps > G Suite > Gmail or follow the search request below.

a) Type Authenticate email and Go to DKIM authentication.

b) On the Authenticate email page in the drop-down list select a domain for DKIM authentication.

If you have multiple domains, make sure you select a domain you want to enable DKIM authentication. Otherwise DKIM authentication may fail for your domain.

3. Click Generate New Record to generate DKIM record.

4. Select DKIM key bit length 2048 and click Generate.

5. After the generation is complete go to the domain registrar (where you manage DNS records) and add the TXT type record with the following Host name and record value:

6. When the record in the domain registrar is saved go back to the Google Admin and click the Start Authentication button.


In most cases, the email authentication process takes up to 48 hours to verify. If you encounter a message like this, make sure you entered the correct DKIM TXT record into the domain provider's settings and come back later. Then, you can again click the Start Authentication button to enable DKIM.

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